The Bake Off Bake Along Week 9 Roundup & Week 10 | THE FINAL

That's it. It's over, done, finished! Oh how I cried, as per usual. Aren't they all just so happy at the finale picnic?! As you already know, I wanted Benjamina to win, but I think Candice was a deserving winner, she smashed it quite a lot throughout the series so GOOD FOR HER!

I thought that final showstopper challenge was excellent and I really would love to give it all a go at some point, it would take some patience for sure. I decided to make just the sausage rolls, is that cheating? I made my own pastry though, as per usual! Although actually, come to think of it, I loved all the challenges and if I had the chance, I'd make them all! ALL I TELL YOU.

But before I get onto my bake, without further ado, here is mine and Amanda's final favourite of the week. As we don't have any prizes organised this year, we're not going to be picking overall winners, but also as Amanda said, it's been so spread out the year with the favourites that it would just be so hard to pick anyway!

We both absolutely adored Kat's wonderfully delicious looking Apple Pie Fondant Fancies, so perfectly neat and a wonderful flavour idea! Smashed it, Kat!

Now I'm looking back at these sausage rolls, they do actually look a little pale, but either way they were absolutely delicious and totally hit the spot. They were so easy to make, I just made a simple standard sausage roll filling using £1 sausages from morrisons and this recipe. In Seamus' words I 'nailed the standard sausage roll flavour' so I'll take that thank you. needless to say I took them into work and they were gone before 10am...

I'm so glad they turned out ok and I would actually love to experiment with different flavours so stay tuned for that. There's also something really satisfying about making puff pastry from scratch, well!

Keep an eye out next week on Amanda's blog for our final favourite and make sure you link up your bakes on the link below!

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