The Bake Off Bake Along Week 5 Roundup & Week 6 | Botanical

I'll be honest, when I first heard the words 'botanical week' I thought that I was going to hate every single challenge but instead, it left me wanting to try every single one! Especially that fougasse mmhhmmm. But I decided to actually... for once, attempt the show stopper LOL. I made a two-tier cake, so not the WHOLE challenge, because who has time for three tiers when you're not ACTUALLY in the bake off? Eh? But still, I made an attempt and I'm proud.

But before we get into all that, it's my turn again to announce our favourite bake for pastry week. We umm'd and aah'd over all of the bakes because you're a talented bunch. In the end Amanda and I decided Angela of Only Crumbs Remain and her gorgeous danish pastries just had to be given some attention, they look totally fab so well done on your danish pastry patience Angela!

But we couldn't move on to my bake without a special mention to Anca and her UH-MAZING Breaking Bad Bakewell Tart, I so chuckled to myself when Amanda pointed me in this direction. Make sure you head over to Anca's blog to check out the photos. Oh how I laughed at the topping of this tart!

And so, on we move to my bake for Botanical week.

I decided to do the two-tier cake because well, I haven't baked a proper cake this series yet and I do love baking cakes.

Thinking about the theme, I decided to use Orange Blossom water as a main ingredient for one cake and found this recipe which I adapted slightly and cooked in two deep 7 inch tins (bought for £3 each from Sainsburys I'm warning you NOW they have a lot of bakeware reduced to clear right now). I also loved the idea of use camomile in my cake, taking my inspiration from the show and remembering I once made Ruby Tandoh's camomile infused cupcakes I sought out that recipe and adapted it to bulk it out a bit more to cook in two deep 6 inch tins. If anyone is interested I'll be happy to write out the recipe because it actually made a cracking cake with a lot of height.

In fact I'd probably even go as far to say that it's probably one of my favourite bakes EVER. High praise indeed.

I've ALWAYS wanted to make a rose cake, in terms of decoration and I was determined to do it. I'm really pleased with how the top of the first cake came out, it gets a bit rough and ready down the side though, I guess it'll get better with practice? Perhaps? I had also planned to pipe the bottom cake the same way but some how a pistachio got caught in the nozzle and everything basically went to shit.

So I decided to just smooth the icing back over and make the best of it. I'm not happy with it, as I'm sure you can probably tell, and then when I lifted the top cake off for photographs everything really did go tits up. SO LET'S JUST IGNORE THAT CAKE FOR NOW. And focus on the nice looking pink one. It's tall, well risen and you can actually taste the camomile. Well done me. AND AND AND, the rose on the top looks quite nice I think.

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