The Bake Off Bake Along Week 4 Roundup & Week 5 | Pastry

Pastry week is normally one of my favourite weeks. Normally. I'm quite confident in my ability with the pastry I've made before, but THIS. Well. I have no words.

Before I get into it, it is my pleasure to announce mine and Amanda's favourites for batter week. I said this on twitter, but it really is so wonderful that so many people get involved with the bake along, there's over 400 posts on instagram and just so much talent. I love it. Without further ado, we decided there had to be joint winners this week. The wonderful Sophie made these amazing swirled churros that look almost too good to eat... almost:

And the AH-MAH-ZING Alice who did not just make yorkshire puddings, but also churros. Just would you look at how tasty-delicious her yorkshires look! I applaud your dedication Alice!

But as always a massive congrats to everyone taking part, you're all superstars.

Now for my pastry week post. I'm actually reluctant to even get into this massive disaster with you, just to spare you the drama and heartache. Not only do I never want to make a Danish pastry ever, ever again. I used this recipe, which I'll be totally honest is probably not the best out there. I made the dough FIVE TIMES. Can you tell I'm still not over it? Good. Ok so the first two attempts were my own failing fault because I forgot to add the egg into the dough and freaked out when it wasn't rising in the airing cupboard. Then I sacked off the danish pastry in favour of giving puff a go, which worked but I knew it wasn't right. So I opted to try the Danish again, but ran out of instant yeast and stupidly used dried active (woe you yeast). Yet again there was no rise to my dough, so I enlisted the help of my sister, who took me to the shop to get more flour, milk, yeast and butter.

I can't even tell you how much flour was wasted in the process of making these God forsaken pastries.

So I made the dough... AGAIN. And I vowed that if it didn't rise I'd throw it over the garden wall. But I was patient, and it rose, it took a lot longer than the recipe said it would, even in the airing cupboard. Still, it worked. Then I sort of found myself muddling through and trying to make the best of a bad situation.

ALL the butter, or most of it seeped out in the oven, so the pastry is a little hard and tough to chew. But to be honest, after the saga that has been Danish Pastries, I'm just glad to have something that resembles something edible. I chose to have cinnamon and raisins on the inside and when you do get a bite with the filling, it's actually quite nice. And although the whole thing has been a massive slog, I learnt so much and maybe in the not too near future, I'd like to give them another go. I can't actually believe I just admitted that.

Anyway, here they are in all their glory. And at the bottom is the amazing effort my mum made with her Bakewell Tart, doesn't it look fab?

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