The Bake Off Bake Along Week 1 Roundup & Week 2 | Biscuits

I'll be honest, in previous years my biscuits whilst baking along have been pretty dreadful. I never bake biscuits because why would I, when I can get really great ones from the shop. I'd start writing a list of my favourite biscuits but I think we'll be here all day so lets crack on with the bake along shall we?!

First of all, Amanda and I would both like to thank you all so much again for taking part, I LOVE being tagged in your instagram posts and seeing everyones amazing efforts - you're all star bakers to me. But afterall this is a competition and each week Amanda and I are picking our favourite bakes and for cake week it has to be the one and only Alice of Wooden Window Sills and I think we can all agree that her mirrorglaze cake looks absolutely stunning and I wouldn't hesitate to eat it all in a single heartbeat. Although it's so beautiful, I wouldn't want to ruin it. Well done Alice you absolutely smashed it, as always!

For week 2, I decided to take on the technical challenge again - I'll be honest, my bake choices are being completely directed by what I can make most easily without all of my kitchen stuff. I've been so nervous about baking but it is actually quite amazing what you can do without the essentials... even like a sieve. I know, sacrilege. Don't tell Mary & Paul, OK?

I did however really enjoy making the Viennese Whirls, despite not really knowing what I'm doing when it comes to biscuits. I absolutely love the M&S Viennese biscuits that are dipped in chocolate so I knew I had to give these a go. The only alteration I made this week was strawberry jam instead of raspberry because... hello $1 punnets of strawberries. That's like 60p people, quite the bargain!

I'm not overly fond of how the swirls look purely because of the crappy piping nozzles I used, I miss my wiltons so much - and if that's not a first world problem I don't know what is. I really enjoyed making the jam as well, it always astounds me, remembering *just* how easy it is to make. Fruit, sugar, heat, done.

I also didn't dust them with icing sugar because again *don't shoot* but I don't have a sieve so, I opted for the non-dusted look! I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone elses bakes and make sure you link up with us below. And just finally, we really do love being tagged on instagram so keep em coming - what a bunch of superstars.

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