Bake Off Bake Along Week 4 | Batter

Belated batter. I know, I KNOW. I'm sorry! I'm late, very, very late.

In the rush of the beginning of the week I had to ask the amazing Amanda to cover for me this week whilst I get my life together. And as bloggers we all know that life can sometimes get in the way, which isn't ideal when you're co-hosting an online bake along, but I have some news.

I am officially now back in the UK. WAHOO. And it's so good to be back! Shay and I made the move just over two weeks ago and last week was a total whirlwind of job interviews, catching up with friends (who we were surprising) and just general life admin.

But if there's one thing I really couldn't afford to miss out on, because it's been such a long time since I've had a proper roast dinner on home soil is yorkshire puds. I know everyone has a favourite roast and mine is hands down, beef. I've always loved beef over any other roast, so I decided to cook one and use it as an excuse for a bake along.

I have to admit. I have made yorkies before, and they've been a success both times. Last time, they were more uniform and 'round with a hole in the middle' and this time a bit less like that... BUT who doesn't love an unruly yorkshire pud? I used this recipe, and I think the reason they went a bit haywire is down to me accidentally putting a bit too much oil in the bottom of the muffin tin.

To go with my yorkshires, as mentioned, I made a beef roast. Silverside beef joint rubbed in oil and seasoned, an hour in the oven with no foil and rested for about 30 mins after, next to some garlic and rosemary roasties, carrots and broccoli and a gravy made by deglazing the roasting tin with some Rioja, then reduced down, with some fresh thyme from the garden, some more water, a COUPLE of bisto granules and some salt and pepper - bish bash bosh. A little on the thin side, but full of flavour.

Who wants to come round mine for a roast? I'll be back on form this week and hosting the link up so do check back.