Still Here!

Hello everyone, my my it's been a long time.

This is just a quick post to say hello, howdy, hi, how are you? I've missed blogging so much and reading blogs, because that's one of my favourite things to do.

So basically I still have a shed load of posts to write from our travels but just as a quick update we are now settled in Australia. Melbourne, to be exact and it's great. It's nice to not be moving around every couple of days, it's nice not living out of a bag and do you know what else is nice? Tea. Proper tea, with proper milk and also doritos and hot salsa, pasta, cooking, a soft mattress, wine (all the wine) and just home comforts in general.

That is not to say that I didn't enjoy travelling, I absolute 100% did, but it's nice being settled again ya know.

ANYWAY... that's what is going on with me at the moment, I hope you're all well, now that the weather is warming up back home! Exciting.

Normal service resuming.