First Forays in Bangkok Street Food

Our third day in Bangkok was an interesting one. We went straight to the station, Hua Lampong, to get our sleeper train tickets which we managed to do quite easily. I'm guess I'm still shocked at the fact we are managing to function and know what to do and how to do it, it's almost like we're adults or something. The staff at the station are so unbelievably helpful, as you can probably imagine, as we're still very much bright eyed, bushy tailed and a little bit scared of making the wrong decisions. But the whole process ended up being pretty straight forward - it's at this point that I have to remind myself that thousands if not millions of people do this trip all the time, but it's easy to forget when you're so far away from home.

After getting the tickets, we went for a walk. Shay's sense of direction was impeccable at this point; he remembered we would be close to China Town if we were at the station so off we went for a nosey around. And it was in China Town that we took our first foray into street food - desperate to try something that would truly make us feel like travellers, we grabbed a plate and took a seat. I went for a spicy clam dish and Seamus a spicy crab claw dish, both with a spoonful of rice. Each dish cost us 40 Baht which equates to about 70p - a far cry from the £6 a plate street food at home. My plate of food certainly was spicy, but so full of flavour. The only real way to describe it is as proper good grub, leaving us with big grins from ear to ear knowing we'd finally had some decent street food.

The day ended with more food, another excellent dish but this time a Pad Thai for 50 Baht. We then went in search of a chilled out bar to have a couple of drinks at and found a place on the canal, the type of place you dream about when going travelling. After a few Changs we were left yearning for something to eat, so we perused the menu and ordered a plate of Morning Glory and promptly fell in love. Stir fried greens and spinach, in soybean paste (I think), chilli and garlic - totally to die for.

On checking out the next day we took the time to really have a good walk about, with the intention of visiting Wat Arun, but ended up sitting in a park under a tree, just soaking everything in mentally preparing ourselves for the 13 hour sleeper train we needed to take on Saturday evening all the way through the night to Chiang Mai.

The sleeper train is something else, but all in all was good fun and we even managed to get a good nights kip in our own little pods, covered by the most mustard yellow colour curtains you could imagine. But for £14 each, who can really complain?! Certainly not us, as we got to meet some lovely people including a brilliant woman from the States on her way to Chiang Mai for her retirement, what a trooper.

On arrival we were met by a crowd of taxi drivers at the station, Seamus described it as feeding time at the zoo and we were the nice fat juicy steak, primed and ready. Because of how much it is drilled into you to know when you're being mugged off or not, it's hard to know the right choice to make, but we paired up with a German couple who we'd met briefly in Bangkok and got a taxi into town together for 20 Baht each, a much better price than the first quoted 50 baht, which we knew would have been too much so I guess it's best to go on your first instinct.

And now we are in Chaing Mai and have properly started our journey. I have to admit I had a slight wobbly moment before getting on the train, having been completely overwhelmed by Bangkok but Seamus being the dream that he is, helped me through it and here we are. We have so much to look forward to here and are already enjoying the good vibes of this city, but for now we are off to get showered and enjoy the night markets in this wonderful town.

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