Bake Off Bake Along | Until Next Year...

Yesterday Amanda announced the winners of our bake off bake along series. And what a series it's been.

The show itself was amazing as per, and I'm so glad that Nadiya won, because she was an utter superstar and totally deserved it. The bake along this year was TOUGH, and as Amanda mentioned in her post, I'll certainly be glad not to be sticking to a strict baking schedule for a while, it really was at times testing on my emotional well being - can't handle a baking fail - and denting on the old bank balance too.

I think my favourite bake from this year was most definitely the Iced Buns, they were utterly delicious and I enjoyed making every element, even if they looked a little odd, the tasted fantastic.

What I truly love about the bake along is us all committing to learning new skills and broadening our baking repertoires, you never know when you might need to make a vol au vent from scratch eh?

If you haven't already, head over to Amanda's blog to see who we chose as our winners of the bake off bake along 2015 and a look at her behind the scenes shots - because behind every baking blogger is a patient partner, ready on hand when you're about to have a baking related melt down... 'WHY IS MY DOUGH NOT RISING??????!?!?!?!?!' Ahem.

Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who read one of the bake along posts, got involved and posted a link in the link and helped to spread the word. I think I'll be in Australia this time next year, but don't think that's an excuse to get out of it... here's to a bigger and better bake along for 2016!