What's For Lunch Today? Eat Saigon | Spitalfields

It's true to say I spend a lot of my time thinking about what I'll be eating for my next meal, or snack or just all the time. When I'm working in an area with a lot of choice for lunch, what to eat becomes a daily struggle. It's like I don't want to waste that meal time on something rubbish and not good. Because, you only live once right?

When I came across Eat Saigon a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see another new Vietnamese eatery in East London (lets be honest, there's quite a few of them), because they operate just how I like my lunch places to, with the option of take out, and a standard price for a really good midday meal. After vowing to have a salad on Wednesday and ending up with a Lebanese falafel wrap, I knew I had to go a smidgen healthier on Thursday, so I popped along to Eat Saigon for a shredded chicken bún. Setting me back a fiver, this is probably one of the best value for money lunches I've had in London - high praise, I know.

Maybe it's because I really like bún, maybe it's because on that day, at that time it really hit the spot, but I have nothing but love for Eat Saigon, if I wasn't saving for a trip to Vietnam itself, I'd eat there everyday. The bún was wonderful, with gorgeously tender shredded chicken. I've also sampled their chicken curry (this was a few weeks ago) and the next day I went back to see what their beef pho was like - not the best I've ever had but still good for a quick pho fix.

Their menu ranges from about £4.50 for the banh mi to £6.50 for pho, with other options in between as well as some lovely looking summer rolls that if you had two or three would probably be a lunch meal on their own.

I can't wait to try more of their menu - it's nice knowing there's a good food joint just round the corner when I'm feeling like getting something familiar... which is pretty much most of the time. If you're around the Shoreditch/Spitalfields area and looking for a quick, cheap, cheerful and delicious eat, then head to Eat Saigon, you'll be glad you did.

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