Bake Off Bake Along Week 5 | Free-From Week

Well looky here, we're already at week 5 of the bake off!

You know the drill now, this week it's Amanda's turn to show you our favourites from last week so head on over to see all the amazing bakes! As usual, the link-up is at the bottom of this post.

Now, onto my free-from bake for week 5. Having never baked anything remotely 'free-from' ever, this was always going to be a challenge. In fact, I didn't have a clue where to start.

I decided to go with the sugar free cake option because... well... sod gluten free pittas. I totally would have loved to have tried the ice cream roll but alas, I do not own an ice cream maker and if I wasn't heading out of the country soon, I'd totally have gone and bought one but I just can't justify it right now.

So here is my sugar-free raspberry muffin cake... don't laugh.

I really struggled with how to approach this, and read a lot (I mean a lot) about substituting honey and agave for sugar) but I wasn't really up for another total fail like last week, and the week before so I thought I'd play it safe when I came across a muffin recipe in my baking basics book that didn't call for any sugar... win!

The recipe is kind of an odd one anyway as it calls for oil instead of butter - I'm always a bit dubious when olive oil is used due to a pomegranate muffin fail years ago, so next time I'll definitely opt for vegetable oil which is a lot less of a... recognisable taste. I also swapped out the honey for agave which I think did no harm.

I decided to double the recipe and bake it in a cake tin, because I thought doing individual muffins would have been a slight cop out, but I've kind of ended up with a franken-cake that doesn't really know what it is. Shiney on top with a courser muffin texture in the shape of a normal cake sponge. Hm.

I've also cheated a bit... a lot with the icing. I didn't know what to go for so I just used icing sugar with honey. Woops. Sorry Mary & Paul for my sins, but it definitely needed something to perk it up a bit.

Still, I'm being a bit harsh, it does actually taste quite nice and the sweetness from the raspberries is great. Despite the slice I took looking like they've all gathered at the bottom, they haven't, the fruit is quite well dispersed which I'm pleased about because it was a very wet mixture. And lthough it's got a weird sheen on top, I'm actually quite happy with it for a first sugar-free attempt.

I hope you all did better than me, let's just say I'm looking forward to next weeks pastry challenge for sure.

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