The Elisalex Dress

I have literally been bursting to write this blog post for the last few weeks.

As you may or may not know, whenever I'm not at work, baking or eating, I'm sewing. When I came across By Hand London last year I knew I was destined to make as many of their patterns as possible. Their branding as well as the actual patterns, and well just everything is completely different from the almost dated look of other pattern companies and certainly some of the clothing styles.

The Elisalex Dress has got to be one of the ultimates in party dresses, and when we received an invite for a friend's wedding a few months back I knew I had to be wearing this dress for it.

I had an exact idea of the fabric I wanted, a very summery look so a white background with a large floral print (if you check out #elisalex on instagram you'll know why) and blow me down, I eventually found the perfect fabric. I bought two metres of this stretch cotton (I think) from John Lewis... IN THE SALE. 

I can safely say, hands down this is easily the best thing I've ever made and that's totally down to not only the clear instructions, but also the sew-along blog posts on the BHL website. I'm so chuffed with how this dress has turned out and I received so many compliments - to which the best reply is and always will be 'Thanks... I made it' (insert side eye smirk emoji here).

And the second best bit that really this dress only cost me about £20.

And on another note, so weirdly I was talking to some old school friends of Shay's at the wedding on saturday, about the dress, and it turns out she's best friends with one of the BHL ladies.

As if the world wasn't small enough eh?

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