Get Ready, Get Set | Bake Off Bake Along Details

Thank you for your interest in the Bake Off Bake Along hosted by yours truly and the lovely Amanda.

We are *so* excited to host this blogging series and we really hope you'll have fun taking part too. The idea was born out of a near obsessive love for the Great British Bake Off and both doing our own bake alongs last year. We thought we'd put our heads together and create something fun and creative for us all to take part in, with prizes at the end. Because, who doesn't love some healthy competition? And the opportunity to win some AMAZING goodies.

So what's the deal?
Each week we'll be following along with the show that is broadcast on Wednesdays. Both Amanda and I will be posting our bakes the following Tuesday with link up details and favourites from the previous week. You have from that point until the end of the following Monday to post your bake - so effectively you're baking a week behind to give yourself enough time. Make sure you're following both of us (links below) as we'll be alternating posting our favourites from week to week, with link up details!

We don't expect you to do three bakes each week though, don't worry, you can pick a bake from either the Signature Bake, the Technical Challenge or the Showstopper - the choice is yours! It's quite a commitment, but it's so worth the effort - last year I picked up so many new skills and tried out cakes I'd never even heard of before!

At the end of the show, we'll be posting a final roundup finale and declaring the winners of the competition, we'll let you know on Twitter (links below) when we are announcing the winners!

And what's up for grabs?
Amanda and I are still in the process of confirming the prizes with some amazing brands so we'll keep you posted as and when, but rest assured, we've got some great baking related goodies in the pipeline :)

Who can join in?
Whoever - the more the merrier! Please use the #bakeoffbakealong hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, we'll be checking it out all the time and please feel free to tag us, I'll leave our social links below!

The boring (but important bits)
We are in no way affiliated with the Great British Bake Off, we just love it, like... a lot. Any prizes or items that have been gifted to us for the competition will be clearly marked. Please make sure if you're under 18 that you have permission from your relevant adults to join in.

If you have any questions or need anything, please feel free to give either of us a shout, we'll be happy to help!