The Best of High Street Sportswear

I try not to talk about fitness and exercise too much on here because, quite frankly, I know it bores a lot of people. STILL, I'll carry on because this is MY blog, and I like it and.. and... I'll cry if I want to!

I tried desperately not to fall into the 'making sure I look good whilst working out', because who really needs to spend loads of money you're ultimately going to sweat buckets in and end up looking like a mess anyway? Not me. I'd still never spend loads on leggings and tops for running but, there are quite a few good high street shops that offer lower price alternatives that work just as well as your Lululemon, Sweaty Betty and God knows whatever else.

So here's my round up of affordable high street sportswear. Some of these items I have bought and do use, and can recommend highly.

Because looking good whilst working out doesn't have to just be available to those who can afford to spend £80 minimum on a pair of flashy Nike leggings...

Karrimor Running Backpack, Sports Direct - I have been using this bag for 6 months (in the high-vis yellow colour for extra cool-points) and it is brilliant, I wouldn't think about using anything else.
Nike Running Tights, Sports Direct - Just an FYI these are currently much cheaper than on asos, thank me later.

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