Prawn & Chorizo Spaghetti

Yesterday was a pretty rubbish day, you know just one of those days where just everything is stressful and annoying. Eurgh. But I totally saved it with this dinner, which I'm glad I had the sense to semi-photograph along the way so I could do a recipe. Annoyingly my camera ran out of battery just as I started taking photos, so phone camera will have to do.

I'd been craving doing a prawn, pasta dish for a while, and after my crappy day I walked passed the chorizo in the supermarket and grabbed it. Very much a spur of the moment dish but it couldn't have turned out better, in fact I think I made Shay and my housemates quite jealous when I was cooking *side eye smirk emoji*

So despite how many ingredients are on the board below, I'd still say this dish serves two due to the smaller portion of pasta, but that's not to say this dish isn't filling. It's glorious - if I say so myself. The chorizo gives the whole dish a brilliantly smokey flavour and the fresh baby plum tomatoes instead of tinned are a welcome change. Green peppers are my favourite of all the peppers but feel free to use your preference, I normally get a raised eyebrow for admitting that. I just like the bitterness of them y'know! I wish I could have used more basil than pictured but I must have picked the worst pack of basil in the shop as it was all gross and ruined by the time I got home. 

What You Need:
1 small red onion
3 cloves of garlic
1 red chilli
1 green pepper
10 baby plum tomatos
1/2 a pack of baby button mushrooms
1/2 a ring of chorizo
1 pack of raw prawns
Fresh basil
Salt, pepper, tomato purée, garlic paste
120g spaghetti (or more or less based on your own appetite but 120g 

What You Need To Do:
Prepare all your ingredients, chopping, dicing, slicing and whatever else
Get a saucepan of water ready and boiling and add the pasta
Get a medium sized frying pan, put onto a medium-high heat and add your chorizo, onion, garlic and chilli
There's no need to add extra oil, once the chorizo is in, it'll start releasing some of it's oil so the ingredients don't stick to the pan
After about a minute, add your prawns, keep stirring everything around until the prawns are almost pink
Then start adding the rest of your ingredients, I went in this order: peppers, waited a bit, mushrooms then chopped the basil and threw it in then after a minute or so, add in your tomatoes and keep stirring
The pan will look quite watery but keep at it, at this point I seasoned with salt and pepper then as a last minute addition added a small squirt of tomato purée and the same of some garlic paste
Keep stirring and you'll start to see the 'sauce' is a lot thicker
When your pasta is done, turn off your frying pan from the heat, drain your pasta and add it to the rest of the ingredients, really mixing everything up.
Serve and enjoy!

And I mean, really enjoy!