Easy As Pie

I'm back for good, see!

What better way to test the oven in your new place than baking a lemon meringue pie eh? This weekend was a fairly chilled one so I wanted to get some time in for baking (and sewing). So when the idea of a house roast dinner was on the cards, I knew I had to pull out the big guns with a dessert. 

This is only the second time I've ever baked a lemon meringue pie, but amazingly both times have turned out really quite well. This time I used a recipe from BBC Good Food, but have previously used the recipe in the baking basics book - haven't mentioned that one in a while. I have to say, although the pie was uh-maz-ing, I wasn't too impressed with the pastry, I knew when I was making it I should have put more water than was advised, despite already putting in more than the one recommended table spoon, so the pastry was dry and cracking even before baking. A shame, but not a crying shame because it still tasted brilliant. So if you use that recipe, I'd recommend using a pastry recipe you trust in.

I also omitted the cornflour in the meringue because I've never heard of putting cornflour in meringue? Is that a thing? I don't know. 

ANYWAY, here's some pictures of this delicious dessert, which always seemed quite the challenge because of the different aspects to bring it together, but it really is fairly easy to make. The pie was demolished after an absolutely banging roast, cooked by Shay that I documented on instagram. Some of the best roasties I've ever had, well done boyfriend.

A productive Sunday!

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