Happy Friday!

Today I have pictures of a cake - there's a surprise! But a glorious one, if I say so myself. 

When I first started baking a few years ago, I remember attempting a Victoria Sponge and to be quite honest, attempting and failing. Miserably. In fact the words, 'flat' and 'biscuit-like' come to mind, it was very frustrating. I hadn't actually tried it since, but a few years on and I'm a lot more confident in my skills and ability so here we are, a lovely well-risen sponge with a vanilla 'cream' (I prefer using elmlea) and a homemade strawberry jam. Oh yes.

I've got a separate post planned for the jam, but it was so unbelievably easy to do that now I want to make all the jams. All of them.

This cake wasn't for any particular occasion, just a bake for baking's sake, and it was SUPER sunny last weekend and when I saw those strawberries in the supermarket, I just had to snap them up. Victoria sponge is a very spring/summer cake, the traditional British summer-time, afternoon tea, all-round winner, wouldn't you agree?