Valerie's Afternoon Tea

Did you know Patisserie Valerie does Afternoon Tea? Neither did I, but as a general lover of cake this is only good news. 

Patisserie Valerie is a firm favourite with my family, it's a treat but a very approachable treat, not too expensive but still good quality. I've previously had lunch at one of their cafes - scrambled egg and bacon on toast with a vat of tea, and the bacon was sooooo crispy (my favourite). So when I was asked if I'd like to attend an evening preview of their new afternoon tea offering in Soho, I was sold. I truly believe that making decisions to have cake for breakfast, lunch or dinner is what being an adult is all about. 

The tea costs £25 for two people and for an extra £5 you can have a glass of prosecco each... which I actually think is fantastic value. Considering how broad the selection of teas is, how wonderful everything looks and tastes and how full I was at the end, £12.50 or £15 per person is one to take a mental note of. In fact it's a shame I didn't know about this sooner as I definitely know of a certain mother of mine who has a soft spot for Patisserie Valerie and probably would have really enjoyed this for a Mother's Day treat. But I guess it just means we'll have to go and try it another time...

So what's on the menu? To start with there's the selection of teas, I was safe and went for the english breakfast because sometimes there's just nothing more comforting. As with all classic afternoon teas there's a selection of savouries, then scones then your sweets. My favourite of the savouries has to be the chicken & pesto sandwiches as well as the mini quiches, but all of the sandwiches were classics and delicious. The scones were beautifully fresh fruit scones accompanied by clotted cream and an individual pot of raspberry jam, which if I'd have had room I would have eaten many more of. Then the sweets, there was a range from mousse cake to victoria sponge to a mini eclair. My favourite was probably the vicky sponge, but again, all absolutely to die for. If your tastebuds are tingling like mine now, you can read the full menu here

The Patisserie Valerie Afternoon Tea isn't available in all of their cafes but you can find a full list of locations here too.

I've now been lucky enough to have a fair few afternoon teas over the years and I honestly think for the accessibility, value for money and quality of food in a relaxed atmosphere, you can't really go wrong with Valerie's Afternoon Tea.

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