The Emperor's New Clothes & Looking Forward

On Tuesday, Shay and I went to see the first showing of the new documentary by Russell Brand & Michael Winterbottom, The Emperor's New Clothes.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my support for Russell Brand and his youtube channel The Trews, because quite simply I think it is brilliant. On Saturdays and Sundays Shay and I catch up on the previous week's trews, almost like a ritual.

Anyway, about the documentary. I don't want to give away too much because I really think every single person should go and see it, because everything in this documentary is relevant to our lives in Britain. The documentary isn't preachy or depressing, in fact quite far from it, it's enlightening and inspiring and gave both of us a lot to think about.

The best part about the documentary is that it's not all serious, there were parts where I was genuinely laughing, almost belly-laughing, and so was the rest of the packed cinema.


There's a couple of things I have decided on after watching the documentary that I'm now going to live by; one being that I'm no longer going to be shopping at Topshop. Phillip Green, the owner of Topshop is a British citizen, and yet doesn't pay any taxes here because he's a greedy bastard and his millions clearly aren't enough for him. So there's that.

I'm also going to make a conscious decision to research into companies that offer zero hours contracts to their employees and avoid shopping there. I know that's quite a bold claim to make but I just think it's wrong.

Moving forward

After going to a Trew Musings event in March, I came away feeling like I wanted to help change things but never really made any headway with putting it into practice. One thing that Russell said though (first name terms... lol) has stuck with me, and in order to make change we don't have to go all out, but instead take a few things you feel passionate about and 'get lairy about them'.

So this is me getting lairy #thingscanchange

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