Pork Bibimbap with Crispy Seaweed Kale

Kale really is the lady in the spotlight at the moment isn't it? Like it's super food predecessors, blueberries, pomegranate, spinach, coconut (to name just a few), there's a long list of reasons why we should be eating kale, like, all the time right?!

So naturally any chance to include it in our day to day lives is a winner, but I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of just simply boiling it. Bleurgh. But luckily, I've got an alternative to serving kale that you can use in a whole host of ways. My favourite is using it as a replacement for crispy seaweed wherever it is called for in Asian style dishes, because seaweed isn't the easiest thing to get a hold of in reality. Or at least I've never come across it in the supermarkets.

In a similar vein to this post, my seaweed-alternative makes full use of the grill. Love the grill. And it really is as simple as placing the kale on a baking sheet, spraying with a little oil, seasoning and putting under the heat. You have to keep an eye on kale under the grill as it tends to be a quick burner this way, but a minute-or-two under a medium grill heat should to the trick. 

The outcome is a light and crispy leaf that melts in the mouth. In the pictures I've used it on a pork bibimbap, the recipe for which I found here, but have amended after a few tries to my own taste. I particularly love the substitution of beef for pork.

How do you serve kale best? I'd love to know of any other ingenious and interesting ways of serving up these greens.

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