Gems from Joules

I don't necessarily consider myself a fashion follower, but I certainly have 'a style'. More often than not, it's jeans and a cami with either boots or flats (flats always from New Look), and my style varies from that anchoring point really.

My wardrobe consists of a mix of charity shop finds, vintage shop wins mixed with pieces from the high street, mainly Urban Outfitters, Topshop and  River Island, with the odd deviance to New Look for price. So when I was offered to try a few bits from Joules to show on this here blog, I was initially dubious. My though process went like this: 'Joules is for... country folk.... it doesn't fit in with my style, whatever my style is'. But after a gander on their site, I was pleasantly surprised. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to start rocking a gilet with my chelsea boots and skinnies but what I found was, despite the mainly distinct look of Joules clothing, a lot of it is really quite transferrable to different looks and styles depending on how you wear it.

Challenge set, I picked out three different items for different occasions. So hands up who's ready for some awkward posing....    

And that concludes this post on how NOT to pose for outfit photos...

Only joking. I am in love with these clothes, the first thing I noticed upon receiving the trousers, dress and top was the amazing quality. These clothes are well made and won't fall apart or fade after two washes, so even though Joules clothes can be pricey, I'd very much say they're worth the investment.

I actually ordered a size up in the navy snake print trousers, after perusing their measurements online, I knew a pair of 12s would not have fit me well round my Eastern European hips and thighs... this is an issue I encounter quite frequently and therefore have to compromise on fit round the waist band (boo-ya small waist). However, it's nothing that a belt or even a slight alteration (hello sewing machine) can't fix. They're comfy and perfectly smart enough for work, heels or no heels, as well as being easy to wash (so practical, me) and iron !

My favourite item is absolutely the nautical inspired linen dress. I actually wore this on Easter Monday, me and Shay took a trip to Greenwich as it was hot hot hot out. I felt so comfortable and cool I cannot wait to wear this more often. In fact this dress is TOTALLY 'my style' and I think looks great with those pink pumps from New Look (last year). Again, after looking at their online measurements I decided to go a size up with a size 12, purely down to the fit on my hips. Whatever, I love this dress.

Last but not least, this amazingly comfy long-sleeve jersey top. In the link URL I've just noticed it's in the nightwear section... lol?! This is totes wearable in the daytime, and I loved wearing it on the weekend just doing odd jobs round the house and down to the supermarket. I paired the top, which I got in a size 12, with my Topshop Mom jeans (again, big thigh issues) for a super casual weekend vibe.

As mentioned, I was sent these clothes to feature but have genuinely fallen head over heels with each item, especially the dress *heart eye emoji*. I love coming across and being surprised by brands and shops that I normally wouldn't come across due to being set in my own ways. 

Have you ever been totally be surprised by the offerings of a particular shop?

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