The Pizza Express Spring/Summer 2015 Menu

Last week I attended an event to sample the new Pizza Express Spring/Summer 2015 menu. Let me guess what you're thinking, 'I didn't know that Pizza Express did seasonal menus!' Well, neither did I. But Pizza Express are entering their 50th year of being in business, and they're celebrating.

I've previously explained how I feel about chain restaurants, and I stand by it with Pizza Express. It's reliable, it's affordable, and quite frankly I've never had a bad meal there. And how exciting that they've got new options on their menu for the coming sunny seasons, from appetisers right through to cocktails, and it's all delicious.

The event was held at their new restaurant a stones throw (quite literally) from Leicester Square Station on Charing Cross Road - a great location in the heart of tourist mayhem. The new restaurant is chic and has an almost 'Shoreditchy' vibe  - it's cool and totally unlike the Pizza Express I've previously known. We were greeted with tables filled with dishes of mixed nuts and garlic marinated olives - my fave yum yum. As well as a whole bar full of readily poured drinks including their two new cocktails one of which was a berry mojito. Just yes.

Everyone also had the chance to make their own pizza including prepping the dough for the pizza oven and doing some rather questionable dough tossing (questionable on my part anyway). We were allowed to top our pizzas with whatever we wanted. I went for a simple tomato base with mozzarella, pepperoni, olives, red onion, mushroom, roquito peppers and some seasoning. So delicious and it was ready in 4 minutes, fast food with style I'm sure you'll agree. And in celebration of their 50th birthday, Pizza Express are running a new competition to design a pizza that will be used on the menu! I think I could pick a winner... but then again I'm biased.

So what's on offer on the new menu? The standout dishes for me are the new, or should I say recreated favourites of the Margherita, La Reine and the American Hot, translating to; the Margherita Bufala, a much more grown up and sophisticated take on the classic pizza; La Regina an amazing recreation of the ham & mushroom, which now features.... wait for it... truffle oil(!!!); and the American Hottest, recreated to test even the most tolerable of tastebuds.

My favourite pizza toppings are ham & mushroom anyway but trying one cooked with a truffle oil on top just blew me away - hats off to you Pizza Express. And the new desserts including an eton mess cheesecake and a refreshing lemon posset, really just hit the spot. 

Pizza Express have really taken the time and effort into creating and recreating some wonderful dishes, that as we all know, won't break the bank. I've been having dreams of the La Regina pizza since last week and I cannot wait to go back and have it again. The new menu launched on the 24th March 2015 so is now available in all UK restaurants just waiting to be tried.

Thank you Pizza Express for a really wonderful evening - you sure know how to throw a party.