Sundays Are For Baking Bread

There's nothing quite like the smell of bread baking in the oven, especially on a Sunday. It's like the most homely thing you can do, right?

On a bit of a whim and because I haven't made any bread in ages I decided to make some ciabatta bread on Sunday. I have made it before whilst baking along with last year's bake off, but haven't since even though ciabatta is probably my favourite bread.

I used the same Paul Hollywood recipe as last time, BUT instead of using strong white bread flour, I used '00' grade Italian flour. I'd seen it in another recipe online and wondered what the outcome would be.

As you can probably guess, the result was a much lighter loaf with a nowhere near as thicker crust - a major plus in my eyes because it made the bread *that* much easier to tear and dip. Yum.

One thing that remains certain when making ciabatta is how gentle you have to be when removing the dough from the proving bowl to the work surface. In fact, I was so terrified of over-handling that I barely shaped the loaves, which ultimately left me with four very different looking ciabattas. I'm sure Paul Hollywood would NOT be impressed.

But still, the bread rose well in the oven and as I remember correctly from that particular GBBO episode, Paul & Mary were looking distinctly for a good dispersement of air pockets throughout the bread, which I believe I managed.

Ciabatta is certainly a tricky one, but definitely doable. I'm still shocked I've managed to make it twice, and quite successfully at that. I love dipping mine in balsamic and oil but I am also a thorough supporter of ciabatta and nutella, and if that's wrong... well, I don't want to be right.

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