Let's Get Nakd

When you receive an email asking if you'd like to try loads of different flavours of Nakd bars, it's kind of a no brainer really.

I love Nakd bars; whenever I fancy something sweet without going overboard, the Nakd Apple Crunch bar is up there with some of the first snacks I think of grabbing from the shop. What Nakd manage to do really well is incorporating actually nice flavours into snacks that you don't have to do a million hours of exercise to burn off. So hooray for that. And as well as being healthy and helping you to get some of your recommended five a day, some Nakd bars are also jam packed full of iron rich foods. Bonus!

I think it's also safe to say there is a flavour for everyone. As a flavour combo I love love love mint & chocolate - Nakd have me covered. 'Scuse the pun. Don't like the sweetness of chocolate? The cocoa flavour is deliciously bitter, the perfect accompaniment for an afternoon tea break. Fancy something a bit more fruity? Check out the Berry Delight bar.  

You can buy Nakd Bars pretty much in all the supermarkets and online, they cost just as much as any choccie bar would and they provide for you in the deep and dark hour of 3pm when you need a little sum'n sum'n to keep you going.

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