Keeping Motivated

Not only is January over, but so is February now, and motivation to keep moving and making changes are probably waning - I know I've certainly had my moments of 'what's the point?' so I thought I'd share some pointers that keep me going, even when it's wet and cold outside and changes aren't happening as quickly as you'd like.

A view from my run home from work

Healthy Competition
I like to think I'm not competitive, but I really am, even when I'm running home on my own I get competitive. Not necessarily with other people, although seeing someone slower than me is a guaranteed motivator (I don't come across those people often though) setting myself targets and being competitive with myself really pushes me on. It probably sounds crazy but when I tell myself 'just keep going, you're not going to die, you can at least run to the end of this road without stopping...' it really sort of eggs me on.

Tracking Results
I've been using the Nike+ Running app to track my runs, but I know there's a whole host of apps to pick and choose from. From 'coach to 10k' apps to fitness tracker gadgets there really is something for everyone. And the best bit about exercising for me, is seeing myself improve every time, even if I don't feel amazing afterwards, and by tracking my movement, I know where I can improve on for next time.

Trying New Things
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm a creature of habit. BUT I think when it comes to exercise, it's good to know what your'e good at and then take yourself out of your comfort zone. When I started my exercise journey last year I only went to bootcamp. Being a terrible and terrified runner, I took the plunge and now I love it. Since then I've been to a couple of free Nike Training Club sessions and in the future I hope to get into pilates classes at my local gym. I guess it keeps things fresh and interesting, all with the same goal in sight.

What do you find keeps you motivated to keep going?