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Last week I was kindly invited along to visit Soupe du Jour in Soho to try out their offerings. Soup can be a fairly boring subject, and isn't always the most interesting of meals to have, but despite what this blog shows you, most of the time I have soup for lunch. Honestly. In fact, I don't even really need to answer the question of 'what are you having for lunch today?' anymore, as it's going to be soup almost every day. Sounds boring doesn't it? 

But boring Soupe du Jour ain't. 

They're based on Lexington St in the heart of Soho and have just opened a new location on Houndsditch, near Liverpool St Station for all you city workers. They offer delicious, and I really mean d e l i c i o u s fresh soups, that on a day like today (and especially on the day I went last week when it was horribly cold) offer you the warmest of hugs.

I met with the store manager Suse and she was keen to tell me everything about the business, from how they get the inspiration for their specials that are newly concocted every two weeks (some recipes are even old family recipes provided by the staff and suggestions from customers), to the friendly and familiar atmosphere they've created in their store, knowing their customers by name, their favourite soup orders and even taking constructive feedback for their new michelin star trained chef.

There is a lot of passion at Soupe du Jour - they're extremely proud of the all-British produce that goes into their soups and even more-so of the authentic German bread that accompanies each soup order for free - as well as a gluten-free bread option that is sourced from a bakery in Brixton. In fact the team at Soupe du Jour have done a great job of creating a menu that is pretty much entirely dairy and gluten free, which is only a good thing.

I was able to try a full portion on the day and I chose the chilli soup; a soupy chilli con carne with beans and sweetcorn it was divine and absolutely filling - in fact I didn't even think about food for the rest of the day until dinner time, I was so full. I added some of their fresh chilli paste to my soup to add a bit of spice, a completely optional addition in case you're not too fond of the heat. Suse also gave me some tester pots of the red cabbage soup which was in fact their 'soupe du jour' that day and their classic tomato with a small dollop of parmesan cream on top. In all honesty all three soups were incredible and although I love cabbage (big up the Polish roots), the tomato pipped them all to the post, and I'm going to head back this week to get a full portion of it.

 What I really love about Soupe du Jour is the fact you can customise your soup with a  range of different toppings like chorizo and even chunks of frankfurter - oh yes you read correctly; which totally adds another dimension to these gorgeously flavoursome soups. AND in case you needed any more convincing, you can get money off your next soup if you bring back the pot to be recycled AND they have a loyalty card. I think they've possibly thought of everything?!

If you get a chance to pop in, Soupe du Jour is highly recommended, especially if you're looking for a quick and easy lunch that won't tug too much on your purse strings.

You can find Soupe du Jour at their Soho branch, 34 Lexington St, W1F 0LH, and at their City branch, 38 Houndsditch, EC3A 7RT.


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