Red Velvet Cake

Baking a successful red velvet cake has been, quite honestly, a real struggle for me. From bad recipes to even worse food colourings and embarrassingly bad tasting results - it's been quite the journey. But this weekend I finally won the war over this cake, with a lot of thanks to Nigella.

In theory I know this isn't really much different to any other cake, but I've finally discovered the secret, or not as the case may be to making this cake an actual cake, and not just some reddy-brown flat cake biscuit which has been my problem before.

It's all in the type of food colouring you use. Obvious, I know but there's a lot of bad ones out there, mainly the ones you get from the supermarket - Dr. Oetker I'm looking at you. For this cake I used the Poppy Red Sugarflair Gel - purchased from ebay, where else?! And the difference is marked.

I used this recipe, and instead of making two 10 inch sandwiches as suggested, I opted for three 7 inch layers, because I don't have 10 inch cake tins and I prefer smaller & taller cakes. I turned the heat on the oven down to 150c (for fan ovens) and baked for 20-25 mins.

I'm super pleased with not only how this cake came out (and especially how it tastes) but that I've finally, successfully managed to make a red velvet cake! Now, what do I need to conquer next...?

Have you ever had trouble with a particular recipe?

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