Little Mum's Afternoon Tea

As you may be beginning to see, I'm a huge supporter of local businesses and start-up type ventures; I'll much rather visit a local, independently run cafe or restaurant for a bite to eat. Why? Because I like supporting the little guy, y'know?! In reality, it's not always as easy as that especially with a pret, starbucks and God-knows-what-else on every corner (especially in London) but I try my best.

Which is why living in New Cross is so amazing; there is very much a community feel in the area. For example, there's a number of local blogs that feature all the goings on, interesting and the not-as-interesting (but still just as important), there's new cafes, bars and delis opening up left, right and centre and loads of community projects on the go at any one time. I could ramble on and on about this subject and how I love where I live for a lot longer... but I won't.

On Saturday, Shay and I went to a secret location afternoon tea in New Cross, hosted by Little Nan's (previously a themed pop up bar in Deptford and New Cross, and currently finding a more permanent home to settle into). We paid £15 each in advance and waited eagerly on saturday afternoon for our 3-5pm slot, after receiving a message earlier that morning letting us know of the exact location. It was all very exciting, I have to be honest.

So we trotted down to the house (yes, house) in which the afternoon was being held... and knocked on the door. To which there was no response - and at which point I started freaking out thinking we'd got the wrong house - but we noticed the door was ajar so we pushed it open and were greeted by the sound of many voices, light music and tea cups clanging.

Once in and feeling a little more confident we were in the right place, we were greeted by Tristan, the brains behind Little Nan's and given a spot to take our tea at. The atmosphere was so brilliant, with people just milling about, laughing and enjoying their food. Before long, out came Little Mum (Tristan's actual mum - amazing) to offer us a pot of tea and/or some hot mulled apple juice. We opted for the tea and got straight to work. The novelty of Little Nan's bar is that everything is set up like your nan's living room, with old furniture and antique tea pots (in which the cocktails are usually served), so we were given some amazing cups and saucers with a fabulous tea pot to brew our tea in.

Then out came the savouries, which included mini quiches, pork pies and scotch eggs and a range of sandwiches, including a ham sandwich with ham from the local butchers (the local butchers is a big thing in New Cross/Deptford, it's been around for over 100 years). We piled in mouthful after mouthful without a thought for the fact we still had all our sweets yet to come!

We had tiffin, cupcakes, the obligatory fruit scones, with the obvious dollops of clotted cream and strawberry jam, and then a choice of either victoria sponge, carrot cake or Deptford lavender & lemon cake. You learn something new every day quite clearly because when Shay went for the carrot cake, he announced that it is one of his absolute favourites - news to me after five & a half years - and I went for the lavender & lemon. Both were utterly delicious but it was at this point that we were seriously slowing down... I even tried to take a tactical break in order to fit more in, which didn't really work.

It's safe to say that it wasn't the most luxurious afternoon tea ever (although a round of applause to Little Mum for all of the culinary delights, we were stuffed but so so happy) but was probably the best experience an afternoon tea could give you... from receiving the location via a message earlier that morning, to being welcomed in, in such a relaxed and friendly manner, to chatting with each other and the people running the event - it was all so much fun!

Keep your eyes peeled for Little Nan's if you're in the South East area, they are making waves in the community and we'll be there supporting them when they finally find a permanent home.