L-O-V-E, I'll See You Later!

20 points to whoever can guess what song that lyric is from, no googling. 

Despite what you're about to see here, we don't celebrate St. Valentines Day. This will be our sixth V-day spent together, but I don't think the romance levels will beat last year's chicken shish kebab and bottle of Malbec, it's just not something either of us are interested in - but each to their own and that.

HOWEVER, you didn't think it would stop me doing something creative in the kitchen, did you? Good heavens no. I love a theme and a bandwagon just as much as the next girl so here we are. In order to use up the remains of the salted caramel that has been patiently waiting in our fridge, I decided to get myself a chocolate mould for pennies on ebay and get busy.

I had surplus amounts of cooking chocolate from Christmas, so didn't actually really spend anything on ingredients apart from some decent red food colouring by Sugar Flair, which I'd been meaning to get anyway - red velvet cake I WILL defeat you.

The chocolate mould I bought has 15 heart shapes so I've made 30 chocolates, minus a few for quality control obviously. The pinky/reddy and white hearts are white chocolate with a salted caramel pocket inside and the others are milk chocolate with a dark chocolate and salted caramel ganache - which melts so beautifully in the mouth, even if I say so myself.

I kinda just made it all up as I went along, which I'm really pleased with because I personally think they look and taste absolutely fab. I also bought some edible glitter paint brushes that you twist at the end and the glitter paint comes out of the brush - also from ebay - for decoration in the little holes that the mould creates. Purely for aesthetics. And I also bought some tin foil squares - you guessed it, from ebay - in a bronze colour to avoid being over-the-top Valentinesy, says the girl who just made heart shaped chocolates.

I think the foil wrapping really makes them look special and I'm already thinking of doing the same for other events in the year and for personalised presents. I very much take Valentines day as a day to say I love you to ALL the people I love, not just my lovely boy, and these would be a great way of doing that. Except they're now sat in a bowl on the coffee table in the lounge, just waiting to be unwrapped :) 

Anyway let me know what you think and if you've created any Valentines inspired treats, or if you're doing anything lovely with friends, family or a loved one over the weekend!