Do you know how difficult it is to photograph cushions? 

If you follow me on instagram, then a few weeks ago you might have seen a sneak peak of some gorgeous grey chevron printed cotton fabric I purchased from eBay.

I bought the fabric with some homemade cushion covers in mind, and knew I could get two out of a yard of fabric with some nicely sized cushion pads at 18"x18", also purchased from the eebs.

I am so super pleased with how these turned out, I opted for the easier envelope style which meant they were SO easy to make; the first one took 30 minutes in total and the second even less time. In order to make them a little more 'finished' I'm eventually going to add buttons on the back to keep the folds in place because well, we don't do things by halves around here. I took inspiration in how to make them from this article, but just sort of did my own thing when measuring, sewing, well the whole thing really. I didn't use tracing paper and so I just sort of did it free-style. Because that's how I roll.

I can't wait to do a few more and put away the cushions that were in the flat when we arrived (furnished rented flats are a blessing and a curse) so that we have a more co-ordinated living space as well as practising my new skillzzzzzz. 

Let me know what you think, and whether this has inspired you to get busy in the homemade interior kinda way.

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