What's For Lunch Today? Burger Boy | Rupert St Market

If you've been following this series, you'll probably have realised that I've been to pretty much half the stalls on this market now. There's only a few places left to eat at, and then I'll be the ultimate Rupert St Market connoisseur although, I'm not sure how proud of that I am. Fairly I guess.

ANYWAY, after running a couple of errands on my lunch, I decided to swing by the market to see if my beloved Yogiyo had returned... alas, twas not meant to be. But armed with £5.60 in my purse I was determined to find something else from the market instead of ending up at Wasabi (especially now they've changed their Katsu curry bento salad boxes... for the worse and I'll never know why).

I knew I'd struggle with that amount, and didn't really fancy settling for a measly curry wrap - measly in size, but definitely great in taste - and then I saw Burger Boy. Which normally has a queue half way down the street, but as it was nearing the end of the major lunch time rush, it was quieter.

Their prices are definitely on the better side of good value for money on the market, a classic burger costing £5 and a cheese burger with the choice of swiss, blue cheese or jalapeƱo cheese at £5.50. If I had more money I would have gone for the cheese and bacon burger because it looks like heaven in a bun. Still I went for swiss. And as a side note, you can double up your burger for £8 or more depending on the burger type, which i don't think I'd ever do but it's nice to have the option, y'know?

The first thing I love about Burger Boy is the bun. None of your farty brioche here, these are proper burger buns with sesame seeds on top for good measure. The second thing I love is the size of the beef patty - seriously thick, juicy and just lovely, it's clear to see cutting corners is not a priority here. In order to cook the cheese on patties quickly they place a bowl over the patty on the grill - ingenious.  Something I have seen before but am still impressed by, because it works and melts the cheese perfectly.

My only qualm at this point is that when assembling the burgers, they had actually ran out of salad (time was 1:30pm just FYI), bar a few strands of lettuce - I missed out ever so closely on the tomato, the last person to get it was about 3 people ahead in the queue. They had also run out of gherkins; a cheeseburger without gherkins is just upsetting. I do understand that the demand is very high, I've seen the queues for myself, and I also understand the limitations on food preparation having a stall brings, it's just a little disappointing.

Nevertheless, I WILL be returning, 12pm on the dot next week to get the full Burger Boy experience, because everything else about the burger was top notch. And their fries look pretty tasty too (which they had also run out of). I'd like to say thank you to the people at Burger Boy for not being a complete rip off too, which some of the stalls down that market are. I'd happily choose one of your burgers over Byron's any day.

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