This Last Week #7

Wowie, look at me and this recurring series, and it's going quite well if I say so myself. As per usual, this will not just cover the last week as there's been lots to talk about.

Life throws you a curveball sometimes, and the last month has not just provided a curveball, it's been a ball with many sides and one that has been particularly hard to catch. Maybe I'll divulge more on this in the future, but for now all I can say is, it's been tough. And not necessarily in a 'the end of life as I know it, things will never be the same again' type way (yep I can be fairly melodramatic sometimes), which I always imagine tough bits of news to be like, and how I might react. But I've felt the pressure in other ways, namely my skin has gone crazy, I've had countless mouth ulcers in really awkward positions and my back muscles are extremely tense. I'm looking forward to starting up my exercise again tonight, in order to relieve some of the tension a bit.

Although the thought of going back to bootcamp after not going for just over a month (with Christmas in between) is enough to give me a mouth ulcer. On Sunday the pain will be very real.


After returning from the Cotswolds, Shay and I made sure to enjoy the last few days at home by relaxing to the full. He spent the majority of his time (and by that I mean all of his time) playing GTA V which was my Christmas present to him - God knows why I agreed to that - which afforded me some precious sewing time.

I had my eye on some gorgeous floral woollen knit fabric from John Lewis at the end of last year, but at £18 a metre, I couldn't quite justify the expenditure... cue the January sales. I picked up 2 metres for half the price and made a dress with it. I need to sew some elastic to the waistband for a better fit to my shape but I'm looking forward to wearing it!

I've been pondering on whether or not to show any of my creations on here, but not sure if anyone would be interested as it might be pretty niche? Let me know if you'd be interested in that.

For New Years, Shay and I had a relatively chilled evening and planned it pretty much down to a tee. I don't have many, if any pictures of the evening because whilst in the Cotswolds I dropped my WATERPROOF phone in some water for all of 2 seconds and the screen lost all touch responsiveness. Great - but on the upside it has been fixed by Sony under the warranty so for that I am grateful. 

I digress. The importance of going out and spending loads of money has kind of lost its magic for NYE so we got in plenty of booze (mainly prosecco) cooked a Beef Wellington - which was absolutely delicious, and lasted about 5 meals for the two of us - then when our food had settled, we popped to our local to meet some friends for a couple of drinks then headed home about 9pm, got really drunk and saw the New Year in with the help of Jools Holland. Perfect.

Despite the *slightly* heavy head the next morning, we managed to make it up and go to watch The Hobbit which was, mind blowing. Not my favourite of the three Hobbit films, but still gripping. I especially loved seeing Billy Connolly as a muck-mouthed, hammer wielding, war-mongering dwarf. What fun.

I went back to work on the Friday and then it was the weekend again - the best work week... ever?! And not much has really happened this week. How boring. BUT as I said I'll be returning to Barry's Bootcamp tonight, then I'm hitting up a Nike Training Club in Victoria Park on Saturday morning - run by Nike Woman and the classes are completely free! Then we're heading to Virginia Water Lake for a mammoth walk on Sunday morning for some family birthday celebrations. So I guess some baking is in order for Saturday afternoon, don't you think?

How have you all been? Hope the transition back to work hasn't been too painful for you all!

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