Dark & White Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies

Now there's a mouthful... quite literally.

Now I've made proper cookies, I can't really envisage making anything else, because it was *so* easy, and quite a lot of fun really. I still have a fair amount of salted caramel leftover in the fridge from our Christmas Hampers, so I'm desperately trying to use it up - without throwing it away because that would be an utter waste. On Sunday I couldn't really be bothered to walk to the shop, but knew I had enough ingredients to make something so I looked up salted caramel cookies and came across these

Sally's cookies look absolutely divine, with an actual caramel centre thanks to the rolo inside (ingenious I'm sure you'll agree); they have an element of surprise to them. Because I used a pocket of caramel that wasn't encased in chocolate, mine turned out a little differently, but are still absolutely delicious. In fact we both had two cookies after dinner last night (they're not small) but it was totally instigated by me. I just can't help myself, they are that good. I've even packed one in my bag to have after lunch today at work - I need to stop.

I also decided to use a mix of dark chocolate chunks in the cookies and then pressing white chocolate chunks onto the top after creating the well of caramel. A well of caramel - if that doesn't convince you these cookies are worth it, then I don't know what will.

I used the recipe from Sally's site so you can have a look for it there, but I have included some pictures of how I went about putting caramel in the middle without it getting too messy. I separated the mixture into 15 balls, using 2/3s of each ball for the 'well' then the last third to keep it all together as much as possible by pressing on top. And the best thing about baking cookies is that they take like hardly any time at all in the oven!

Have you ever made any indulgent cookies before? Link me any recipes below - I'm hooked!

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