This Last Week #6

Catch up time, oui? Oui.

Oh shizzle, how cold has it gotten in the last few weeks? I swear 50% of what I say at the moment relates to the fact I'm cold, and I'm in a constant battle with pretty much the rest of the office to have the heating on permanently. I need a constantly hot, hot water bottle attached to me at all times, and I've actually considered buying a blanket to have at work. Anyway, in light of the cold I took a trip to Primark to purchase some of their super soft, super warm and super comfy jimmy jammy bottoms for both me and Shay. We've literally been living in them for the last few weeks whilst ploughing through Breaking Bad (now well into series 4) and eating far too much takeaway than we should be. But it's cold, and sometimes I just don't feel like going out in the cold to shop and then cook.

A few weekends ago however we went for a cheeky Sunday breakfast/brunch at one of our local cafés, No. 178 in New Cross - a really cool venue that lends itself well as a community space as well as offering really yumz food. We both opted for the American Pancakes with Bacon & Maple Syrup and a cup of tea which came to £6 each - which just goes to show you don't have to break the bank for a weekend brunch treat.

Despite that delicious looking breakfast, I've been stepping up my fitness regime (although calling it a regime feels a little false as I still can't believe I'm enjoying exercising regularly) at both bootcamp and I have run home a few times over the last few weeks, which is both astounding and mind boggling. But at the same time, it feels amazing to be taking control of myself fitness-wise, and being able to run 5 miles straight without stopping. I've been using the Nike+ Running App and I have to say, it's spurring me on, being able to track your achievements and progress is real motivation and I can't wait to see where I'll be in a months time and then beyond that.

Then as you may have seen last week I got up SUPER early to go on a tour round Billingsgate Market then try out their festive breakfast offering. I seriously enjoyed the visit so much and am trying to work out when I can go back next to actually buy some fish - if I ever host a dinner party I know where I'm going.

So this new doughnut place called Crosstown Doughnuts has opened a little shop in Piccadilly Circus tube station and after walking passed it every morning for a few weeks I finally took the plunge with one of my colleagues. The doughnut you see above is one of their vanilla glazed doughnuts and OH. MY. DAYS. They are insane, I'm going to throw it out there and say it's probably the best doughnut I've ever had? They make their dough with half sourdough active yeast and have an amazing and innovative array of flavours, if you get a chance you've got to try them.

If I thought Billingsgate Market was amazing, this week I got to do something that literally blew my mind. I'll be writing a post on it over the weekend to explain fully but I was invited to a Malaysian supper club hosted by Malaysia Kitchen and the food was cooked by the winner of this year's Masterchef, Ping Coombes. I managed to get an invite for Shay and Amanda from Rhyme & Ribbons on the day and we all had the most amazing time enjoying great food and getting to know other foodie bloggers. Not only was Ping cooking the dinner (for the main we had the dish she won Masterchef with... just what the? Mind = blown) but she was absolutely lovely when she came round and spoke to everyone. I can't wait to share the details of the night with you all.

That brings us up to today, where we are having a Festive Christmas Jumper Day at work - see below for my amazing effort (although please excuse the inclusion of the toilet, I never take selfies so I am quite the novice). I had a gorgeously delicious Dub Sub from Sub Cult for lunch - pulled bbq jerk pork and crackling in a fab brioche bun with amazing sauces and all the yumminess in the world. I love getting my lunch there.

I had another doughnut from Crosstown too, this time a Rocky Road which had jam inside too... just heaven. I've been feeling suitably festive today what with all the jumpers at work and Christmas songs playing in the office - it's great!

What have you all been up to recently? Are you feeling the festive love of December yet?

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