Cream With Your Coffee Cake?

We all know that cake is a very important element of not only this blog, but my life as a whole. You may think I'm exaggerating, but I think about cake, like, quite a lot. Some people get those afternoon cravings for chocolate, or sweets, biscuits, maybe something savoury... mine is 90% of the time cake-related.

What I love about having honed my baking skills, is my ability to whip up whatever I want, whenever I want. But even better is when there's an excuse to bake. This weekend it was my older sister's birthday, so I had her round for some dinner and BIRTHDAY CAKE. I had asked her what her preferences were for her cake, so when she said 'I'm sure whatever you make will be delicious', well... the world was my oyster.

I decided to go for something familiar, but with a tiny twist. I used the recipe for coffee cake from my Basics Baking Handbook - a recipe I have trusted on many times. But instead of making the coffee buttercream icing, I decided to make a coffee infused cream as a filling and icing and man oh man did it turn the cake into something almost completely different.

It's nothing innovative or different, I just whipped the cream (about 600ml) to a thickish consistency added about 3-4 table spoons spoons of icing sugar and about 2-3 table spoons of freshly brewed (but cooled) coffee. I cannot tell you how silky smooth and utterly luxurious the cream tasted and yet it was so simple.

When I was slathering the cream onto the first layer of the cake, it got me thinking about how utterly 'European' it is to have cream with coffee, but also how deliciously indulgent it is to do so. And now I think if I ever make a chocolate pudding or anything of the like that requires cream when serving, I'm making this coffee cream.

Needless to say we each had a slice after dinner and then my sister took home a chunk for herself. Shay and I sat in bed the next morning with a slice of cake and our usual weekend morning cup of tea in bed, because that's what being an adult is really about isn't it? Making the decision that yes, actually it is ok to have cake for breakfast today.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now - I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Cream With Your Coffee Cake

Cream With Your Coffee Cake

Cream With Your Coffee Cake