What's For Lunch Today? Dixie Union | Rupert St, Soho

It's been a very fitness-centric week. This week will be the first week I have been to bootcamp twice... AND I actually *ran* home from work last night. Yep, 5.3 miles straight - no stopping. Impressed? I sure am.

Anyway, because I've been so active I really felt like indulging in a delicious lunch. I wandered down to the Rupert St Market in hope of being able to get some food from Yogiyo, but alas, no such luck. I couldn't really be bothered to go searching any further so I stopped at the Dixie Union stall for the first time - which I must say usually has a long queue of lunch-time revellers hungry for their fill of pulled pork, but not today. I blame how ABSOLUTELY freezing cold it is outside. Genuinely feels about zero degrees out there.

So I opted for their only choice, the 24hr pulled pork burger with slaw and bbq sauce - with a little hot sauce for good measure and eagerly skipped back to the office burger in hand.

And yes, it lives up to the expectation the picture here portrays. Melt in the mouth pork with a few crispy bits for good measure and packed full of flavour. Interestingly enough, I normally steer well clear of anything 'bbq' related, I just don't normally like the taste... it's smokey but it's sweet - too much for my simple brain to handle and enjoy. But I have to say in this combination I liked it. The burger as a whole is delicious.

My only slight qualm would be that I'd personally like to have the bun toasted to keep some of the warmth and add another textural dimension to the meal, but that's just me. And the only other teeny tiny thing is the price (I know, I know, I mention it pretty much every time, get used to it already Ala...). I could stomach a £6 lunch for sure and I could certainly stomach a £6 burger in a restaurant but from a market stall... I just don't know, I think if it was £5 it would probably take the sting off but I know a lot of people won't be bothered about spending that much.

Anyway price aside, the burger was delicious and if you're in the mood for pulled pork, Dixie Union is your stall.

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