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It is a well known fact that I am a tea drinker, through and through. Tea is always there for you, consistent and unfaltering in the warmth and comfort it can bring. And until a few months a go I'd always had a love/hate relationship with coffee. I go through stages of enjoying lattes and more specifically vanilla lattes, but really when you think about it, it's not really coffee, is it? It's more milk and flavouring than anything else. 

I always thought the taste of coffee left, well, much to be desired. But now I can safely say that is down to the fact I hadn't actually taken the time or effort to find out what I actually liked. But on top of that, to me there aren't many smells that beat the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans - and that was something I liked before I started drinking coffee 'properly'. It really just feels like a big warm hug - the same way a good cup of tea does.

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to sample some coffee by a company called Kopi. Kopi, by their own admission, is a premium monthly coffee subscription service. First of all, I have to say that I think coffee subscription services are, without doubt, ingenious. Kopi send you a 250g packet of freshly roasted coffee (they claim the beans will have been roasted within 12 days of the coffee reaching you), to a location of your choice, for example work or home, either in a whole bean form or  pre-ground for your convenience for £7.95 a packet. The package comes in a letterbox friendly packet - which is obviously of the utmost importance, you don't want to be waiting for a convenient time to run to collect your coffee from the post office.

If you're a real coffee buff, or looking to expand your knowledge Kopi's service is great because they hand-pick the coffee beans from their favourite locations (my packet there contains ground beans from Kenya) and provide you with loads of information about why this coffee is superior. What I think is even more interesting about this service is that they can change up your order for you each time so you can try different coffees without having to think about it - Kopi does all the thinking for you whilst giving you all the control. There is flexibility around your subscription, if you've got a backlog of coffee in your cupboard, no probs just let them know and you won't receive any coffee for a month or so.

So what about the coffee itself? I really liked it, it was strong and bold with a very rich flavour. To be honest, the smell of the ground beans would have been enough for me but I guess to give it a fair trial I had to try it right? Included in the pack I received was a teeny tiny sample of dark chocolate from Divine - a fair-trade chocolate company, which Kopi had sent to show how well the coffee would go with dark chocolate. A nice touch I thought. And thinking further ahead than just having this coffee as a drink, I think this particular coffee would go really well in a coffee and chocolate cake because of it's intensity.

An all-round thumbs up from me for coffee subscriptions - allowing me to enjoy different types of coffee without standing in the supermarket like a lemon trying to work out which type to buy. And to actually enjoy the coffee too? Well I think I'm a convert.

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