This Last Week #4

It's probably about time for a catch up isn't it? I should think so. Where to start...

Well the last few weeks have zoomed passed really. Last Friday I realised that it had only been a month since we got back to work after our holiday to Turkey... trust me it's felt much longer especially considering how far the temperature has dropped in the UK over the last few weeks. This week I've been wearing my trusty Barbour jacket and a scarf to work - winter is coming!

The weekends have mainly been spent seeing friends and going out, and we've had some really good nights. Quite a few weeks back went to see Goat play at the Roundhouse in Camden for my friend's birthday which was amazing and a good night was had, especially afterwards when we were all dancing to Motown and Soul classics in The Elephant's Head in Camden. Good times. 

The same weekend, the boy - I'm now officially able to mention his name, so everybody please welcome Seamus (or Shay) :) - and I went for an impromptu drink which ended up in a bottle of Malbec and a roast at one of our favourite local pubs, The New Cross House. We've eaten there before, and to be honest, been not that impressed. He reminded me of the first time we went there for food about three years ago now (three years say what?!) and the table service was pretty horrendous, with some pretty awful food to match. However, I went for the pork roast and have to say, it was bloomin' delicious, crackling included and LOOK at the size of that yorkshire pud. Just what the doctor ordered. And yes, I realise you can see the corner of a pint of cider there, the Malbec had already been consumed by this point... #boozysunday

Skip forward a week and on the Saturday night we headed to the Bloomsbury Lanes for Shay's band's gig. I'd never been before, but trust me I'm definitely going back. It was like an all-day gig type thing with loads of different bands playing on the two levels of the bowling alley, and absolutely teeming with people. The gig was amazing but whenever we walked passed any of the karaoke rooms, all I wanted to do was be in one of those singing my little heart out. I love karaoke, it's actually shameful. They also do 26" pizzas at the Bloomsbury Lanes, so if that's not a reason to go back, I don't know what is. Oh yeah and the bowling obviously...

I've been threatening to invest in a new foundation for a while now, I always used to say it was the one thing I would really pay for, because I think it's worth it. Although, as time has gone on, and so has my career, I've found myself indulging in other expensive items, like my mascara and lipsticks. I'm not upset about it in the slightest though. After reading loads of amazing reviews, I decided to go for the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation and oh. my. days. It is literally amazing, I'm in love with it. I almost didn't buy it because of how, quite frankly, rude the staff were in Space NK in soho but I couldn't be bothered to walk to HoF on Oxford Circus to buy it. Their attitude and behaviour has  made me think twice about spending my money in there. Urgh. Anyway, the foundation is amazing, like the most best thing ever.

I've toyed with the idea of doing a review on the foundation, but as you may or may not be able to tell, my posts of late have been a bit lacklustre. And that's not because I'm having a dip in motivation, oh no, all of my creative juices are flowing at a good velocity. I've just been a little unsure over the quality of the content I'm posting at the moment and the direction of the blog in general, and that is my issue to deal with. But I've got a good recipe coming up tomorrow, which I'm hoping will reassure my confidence.

Other than going out... *gulp* I've actually been craving going to bootcamp pretty much all of the weeks. I have fallen head over heels for bootcamp and having my arse kicked, because it makes me feel so good afterwards, and I just can't wait to do it over and over again. I'm going again this Friday, and now I'm starting to deliberate going more than once a week! I have changed. What's even more amazing is I'm finding myself wanting to break naughty habits in order to not undo the hard work I put in, in those hours of working out. Progress, non? 

Also, just LOOK at those amazing Christmas wine glasses I found in ASDA for £2 each, the possibilities are endless.

Saying that, I made a pretty damn good, and not too unhealthy roast on the weekend, accompanied by my apple and raspberry galette for dessert. It was my first ever time cooking a roast dinner completely solo, and to be honest, I think I did a pretty damn good job of it. The potatoes were par-boiled then cooked in a few sprays of one cal oil, the parsnips were roasted in no oil, and broccoli and carrots were boiled perfectly. I did put a little butter on the green beans... just 'cause and the beef joint was pink in the middle - perfect. My next challenge is to make my yorkshire's from scratch, then I'll really know I've cracked it.

And now here we are, hump day. As I said, I've got a good few posts lined up for the next week or so that I'm excited to get stuck in and I'm also determined to figure out some kind of photography situation that will allow me to take good photos, with good light when I need to.

Thank you and well done if you made it this far, applause to you.

What have you guys all been up to? Let's catch up!

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