The Chelsea Boots

If you're a regular reader of This Particular, you may or may not have read my October Payday Wish List in which this pair of Clarks Chelsea Boots featured.

I cannot tell you how long I have wanted a pair of Chelsea Boots for, but something has always gotten in the way of me getting a pair. But not this year, no way, not this time. I was waiting for these beauties to come back in stock after being sold out in pretty much every size. I signed up for the 'alert me when I'm back in stock' email and low and behold on Saturday morning, what I'd been waiting for came.

I was still in two minds on whether or not to purchase these boots, but when I received an email from Voucher Codes with a 20% off code for orders at Clarks over £70... it was fate stepping in.

So now they're mine. I haven't had a pair of shoes from Clarks in a long time... try shoes for school... primary school. But I am blown away by the quality. Obviously everyone knows Clarks shoes are made for comfort and up until a few years ago, they very much had the 'comfort over style' label smeared all over the brand, or at least that was the impression I had. The kind of place potentially my Grandma would go to buy shoes. But they've upped their game and certainly with some of their shoes, Clarks rivals the likes of Office and Topshop in the style stakes, and blow them clean out of the water for quality and comfort - these boots literally fit and feel like a dream.

I know it's wrong to feel so strongly about material items however, I love these boots.

So call me the sensible shoe lady if you will, I don't care - I am a Clarks convert.