Reasons I Love Autumn

You may remember I wrote a list of things I really love about Summer. Because I do love Summer, it's my favourite season. And I'm in no way about to say 'I love autumn just as much' because it simply ain't true; I love the feeling of the sun on my skin and the current weather just doesn't fit that bill.

But instead of sitting here feeling grouchy about the fact I've got to wait ages for the sun to poke his head out of the sky again, I'm going to just get on with it and focus on the positives. This is my attempt at seeing the good in the bad - how very positive of me.

I love the fact it's acceptable to snuggle up under the duvet and put off getting up in the mornings right until the last moment you can - because it's just too cold y'know?

Not having to stick your feet out of the covers because it's cosy enough under them

Wearing pyjamas - nuff said

Layering - I do actually much prefer dressing for colder months, layering up, thick socks, wooly jumpers and sweat shirts as well as my favourite parka coat

Drinking even more hot drinks than I usually do and hello to hot chocolate, for some reason it just doesn't feel right drinking them in the warmer months

Food in general - soups, comfort food, all the carbs and all in big portions - I just can't help it

Cooking with the slow cooker - we haven't done it yet but the idea has been thrown out there for sure - soon

Warm puddings for dessert

It being totally acceptable to stay in every night over the weekend, no one wants to go out in the cold and rain for a night out

Rainy London - there's just something quite charming about it

Crunching leaves - who actually doesn't like doing this?

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