Bake Off Bake Along #10 | Pain au Chocolat

That's it, it's over, finito, done and dusted. I'm really quite sad about the ending of The Great British Bake-Off, just like the rest of the country.

But I haven't half enjoyed baking along. Over the last couple of months I have learnt so many new techniques and added a lot more creations to my baking arsenal. It's made me realise that actually I'm not too bad at this baking thing, and who can deny a little bit of pride in yourself every now and then?! Not me.

So I tackled some pain au chocolat, because they're the best - in fact I don't think I know anyone who doesn't like pain au chocolat. And to mix it up a little, I did half with dark chocolate and half with white. I've never had a white chocolat pain au chocolat before, but now I don't think I'll be looking back.

I used this recipe, by Paul Hollywood but omitted the apricot glaze, as to me it just didn't seem necessary. I also used normal cooking chocolate instead of chopped up mars bars, because that's just too indulgent I think.

So I started by making the puff pastry which was a lengthy and strenuous process on my arm muscles - having been to bootcamp earlier in the day on Saturday, rolling that amount of pastry probably wasn't the best idea. But I did it, and I think I did it quite well, although I could definitely improve on that. I'd love to give it another go.

I left the pastry to chill overnight in the fridge, and got back to work the next morning. I'm a bit of an idiot because the recipe says it makes 12, but because I can't count I ended up with 18, and some were a lot less impressive than others, but still, I quite like the size of them. Not too big and definitely not too small.

I made a bit of a boo boo with the oven temperature again (really need to get myself a conversion chart for fan ovens) as the pain au chocolat came out ever so slightly under baked. Which I personally don't mind as it made them a little gooey which was nice :)

I probably could have also left them in the oven a bit longer BUT for a first try with making puff pastry and making pain au chocolat - I really don't think I did too badly. They taste delicious too!

I have learnt so much from baking along this year, and although I'm aware of the fact I'm not the best at presentation, but at least it's all been edible!

Oh and also, I'm really really really glad Nancy won!!!

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