A Semi-Seasonal Galette

If you'd have asked me about this time last year what a 'galette' was, I probably would have shrugged and muttered something along the lines of... 'isn't it a sleeve-less item of outdoor clothing?' I know.

I've been meaning to have a go at something seasonal for a long time, I love picking out fruit and veggies when they're at their prime and when I got it into my head that I wanted to cook a roast for Sunday dinner, I knew there had to be an accompanying dessert. Something like a crumble, but a lot less time consuming. Cue the galette.

Knowing that both Braeburn apples and blackberries are currently in season my mind was made up. What better way is there to use such wonderfully British and autumnal ingredients than shoving them on a bed of puff-pastry?! If you come up with anything let me know.

But hang on a minute, you may be thinking 'what are you on about Ala? Those are definitely raspberries in the picture... NOT blackberries.' That's where you would be right. I had every intention of using blackberries, but alas ASDA failed me and I had to substitute for not-so-seasonal raspberries. Next time I'm definitely doing this with blackberries though.

ANYWAY... After having read Rosie's post about her rhubarb galette all the way back in February, and not really being able to get the thought out of my mind I decided to give it a go. I made puff pastry a few weeks ago for the pain au chocolat, which in all honesty was a very laborious affair. Worth it, but definitely laborious.

So I was pleased to see such a thing as 'rough puff' and quite frankly, I can't ever imagine making puff pastry any other way again. Yes it was a little messy, and a bit rushed on my side (I totally left it way too late in the day to use any natural light for photos), I would have liked to have put the pastry in the fridge to chill to avoid a melty butter situation. But I am convinced this is such a quick way to create a beautiful, and fairly impressive dessert in a short amount of time - despite the slightly charred raspberries due to oven negligence. I reckon the whole thing from start to finish probably took about an hour. 

An hour well-spent indeed.

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