Turkey | Canon 100D

I don't know if I've mentioned before but my DSLR is the Canon 100D, and I use the standard lens that came with it... currently :)

I like the camera, it serves me well and lives up to my expectations. The main reason I chose the 100D over any other is because it is small and compact and insanely lightweight. I wanted something that I could sling in a handbag and not worry about, which is exactly what I've got.

These are some of the photos from Turkey that were taken on my DSLR by yours truly. I haven't edited any of them, mainly because I don't really feel like they need it, apart from a couple that are slightly crooked - which seems to be a recurring problem of mine, but I'm getting better at taking more time when looking through the view finder.

As you may know, I often get a bit self-conscious with the camera in public places so most, if not all of these are just landscapes as I didn't get the chance to take many in restaurants or in the markets. 

But I guess there's always next year!

Butterfly Valley

View from the boat off the coast of Olu Deniz

St Nicholas Beach

View from St Nicholas Beach

Swimmers at St Nicholas Beach

Sunset on Olu Deniz Beach

Clouds over the mountain in Olu Deniz

Scuba Diving Bay

One of many amazing lamb kebabs from the beach front in Olu Deniz

Water structure in Pamukkale

Calcium Pools at Pamukkale

Contrast view at Pamukkale

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