This Last Week #3

Feels like a long while since I've done a catch up post like this, probably because it has been. So since I got back from holiday at the beginning of last week (and trust me, it feels like it's been much longer), it feels as though I've been darting about all over the place but I think I've actually had a nice balance of hectic and chill time.

On the first day back, we both booked a tactical day off before the return to work. Nobody wants to go in straight for the plunge after a 2:30am arrival back home. And maybe this is a bit naughty after the indulgence of a holiday but nobody wants to be cooking at that point either, so we ordered a takeaway pizza in and spent the whole afternoon binging on Orange Is The New Black. Sadly, we've now finished the series so will have to find something to fill the void... suggestions are welcome.

Then on Thursday after work I merrily skipped along to Camden with a friend to watch Jessie Ware perform at the Roundhouse for the iTunes Festival. I don't know about you, but I have tried for years and YEARS to try and get tickets for this thing and finally, my time came. It was so brilliant. I'd never been to the Roundhouse before, but heard a lot of good things about it and as a venue, it exceeded all of my expectations. It sounds weird I know but it's such a clean and well-thought out music venue. Thoroughly impressed, and now willing to go back at my first chance possible.

Friday was chill to say the least, I got myself in a bottle of one of my favourite wines and caught up on all of the episodes of GBBO I had missed... all two of them. Still after watching the soaps and then GBBO it got pretty late. I'm a sad individual I know. But I am also a thorough believer in the art of relaxation and for me, Friday was just that.

On Saturday the boy and I went to the Model Market Street Feast for the second and last time of the summer with some friends and ate some VERY good food. I didn't bring my camera because y'know, I already wrote about it and wanted to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy. The place was rammed, being the penultimate weekend of the season but that didn't stop us enjoying the tasty food on offer. As a group we all had a hotdog from the Dogtown Hotdogs and then the boy and I had some Butternut Squash Arancini Balls from the Cheeky Italian. I have to say, both choices were out of this world and I'm a little sad we'll have to wait til next year to go back. We also picked up some more Salted Caramel Brownies from the SE Cakery & Brownie Bar for the next morning's breakfast.

Since then I've just been pottering along really, there's not much else to add. Apart from the fact, I am still really enjoying baking along with the bake off, but I feel like I'm going to need to have a sugar detox when it's all done. It's getting a bit too much. Hopefully this will start with my trip back to Barry's Bootcamp on Friday evening - I'm a mix of pumped up and scared, all rolled into feeling motivated. It will be good.

I know I do this a bit on and off but here's some posts I've really enjoyed reading since I've been back and catching up on all things blog-related:

Kellie's pictures from her holiday in Croatia, with an appreciation of disposable cameras! Long live film!

Emily's White Chocolate & Salted Caramel Éclairs, I think just the words 'salted caramel' make me salivate, they look absolutely gorgeous!

Amanda's Sweet & Spicy Beer Can Chicken, beer infused chicken is something my dad loves to do, so I've had it a lot but never made by myself. This is a fab way of incorporating it into autumn eating habits, i.e. without the barbecue!

Anya's roundup of 8 weeks sugar-free, I am definitely inspired by this and would love to give it a go, especially after all the baking I've been doing recently! And it all looks so delicious!

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