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Oh hiya!

So after 10 of the most amazing days in Turkey, I'm back and ready to roll! Despite having a complete break of all phone (bar like an hour of wifi on our third to last day), social media and blog related activities and truly relaxing - it wasn't until half way through the 10 days we found out another royal baby is on the way YAY - I'm glad to have this little slice of the internet back in my control.

As you may have seen, despite my pre-holiday efforts, none of my blog posts managed to go live as scheduled, which is terribly annoying. I managed to publish one but that was all I had time for. I'll make sure they all still go up.

But anyway, where did I go, what did I do? I went to Olu Deniz, Turkey and perfected the art of relaxation. Staying in a beautiful apartment, in a beautiful area, we chilled by the pool, went to the beach (including a place called the blue lagoon), went on a boat trip, tried out scuba diving, saw some ruins of an ancient city, and ate some bloody fantastic food. In fact by the end of the holiday, it's safe to say we didn't have one bad meal out there. Every single meal was fantastic, I mean having olives as part of your breakfast every day - take me back to heaven! It's also really acceptable to eat loads of kebabs because that's what they do best, and they're nothing like the greasy processed doner you get over here, it's all fresh, natural ingredients, in a beautiful hand made fresh pitta or pancake wrap. Get ready for some serious Turkish inspired recipes in the coming weeks, as I can't seem to get enough.

At it's highest, we felt a temperature of 36c, so you can probably believe that I'm pretty happy with my tan situation now. But what I loved the most about Turkey? Despite the amazing cuisine, the weather and landscapes, was the friendliness of the Turkish people. Not once did I ever feel unwelcome or like I was invading, every single Turkish person we met went out of their way to make us feel comfortable and made sure we had a good time, and that really makes it.

I took quite a few cameras whilst I was out there but for now I've only got my phone and DSLR pics so here's just a couple for now and the DSLR ones will go up tomorrow. 

I hope you enjoy :)

How have you all been? x

Sunset at Olu Deniz Beach (in the day the water is literally turquoise!!!)

Me before dinner on our penultimate night

Pretty lanterns

Turkish Menemen - the most delicious breakfast I had!

View at the Blue Lagoon

Our last sunset before our airport transfer

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