Making A Change #1

Certainly in real life, I make no bones about the fact that I hate exercise. And I have no qualms about saying it loud and proud, and do so very often.

I used to have tennis lessons when I was younger and played football in my formative years of secondary school, but you know, it got to a point where I discovered rock n roll and life in general and never looked back, like most people. But even then I was never that sporty to begin with.

After attempting numerous gym memberships, fitness dvds and even running...! I've come to the conclusion, exercise just isn't for me. I don't know what it is but I just find it intensely boring, I don't get a rush of satisfaction afterwards, and I don't really ever see a difference in my fitness (but that's probably down to the fact I've never stuck at anything long enough to see a change).

You may remember back in June, I went to Barry's Bootcamp for the first time. I was nervous, nay, petrified the week running up to it. Having done a little bit of prep with exercise dvds the few weeks running up, my fitness levels weren't as bad as they could have been, and I fumbled my way through - including running so fast on a treadmill I thought I was going to fly off the back of it. Just terrifying. Needless to say, that was the last time I exercised... until last week.

I decided to book myself back into Barry's, because although I felt like I wanted to die during the class... I actually, weirdly, in some sick and twisted kind of way enjoyed it?! 

Er what?

Ok, I admit and hold my hands up - I enjoyed it. That hour of hell, I can see that it did me some good. So on Friday, I travelled to Euston to give Barry a second chance, in the hope of making it more of a regular thing... and low and behold, I'm booked in again for this Friday. I'd also just like to point out, I was always that annoying person that would jibe someone for going to the gym on a Friday night; 'why on earth would you want to go to the gym on a Friday when you could be out, having fun? L.O.S.E.R!!!!' would be somewhere along the lines of my train of thought. Now here I am, I'm that person, going to a gym on a Friday night.

Ok it's only my third time this Friday but, I like the idea of it, it means I'm not out spending loads of unnecessary cash on booze and potentially ruining my saturday morning every weekend. I come out at 9pm and feel great. I feel energised and like I've done something productive with my life. A turning point, I'm sure you'll agree.

So I'll be heading there on Friday, to get my fill and carry on whipping myself into shape. What's even weirder though, is that I've also committed myself to a yoga class next Monday too, to compliment the high intensity work out. Maybe it's just a fad, who knows but I feel like my mindset has altered slightly.

A few months back when I was out with some friends and boasting about how much I hated exercise, a friend suggested that perhaps I hadn't found the right form of exercise yet to make me enjoy it, and suggested group sport. Although going to a gym class isn't exactly playing a team sport, it's still in a group but with direction and I now believe that is exactly what I've been missing - the direction and motivation found in the Barry's environment.

I'm not saying I'm a changed person, but I guess my point is, if I - the person who hated exercise the most out of anyone in the world - can find something to latch onto and even enjoy then I guess anyone can.

Three cheers for my new found motivation for exercise and long may it reign.

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