Eating Out | The White Horse, Richmond

On Saturday, after traipsing around central London picking up the last few bits for our holiday *SO EXCITING* we travelled to Richmond to celebrate my beautiful grandma's birthday.

Myself and the boy met my family at The White Horse in Richmond, a quaint little pub outside of the main high street area, but not too far from the station. Although, my google maps DEFINITELY took us the long way round on the way there, but still only a less than 10 minute walk.

After settling down at 6:30pm and having a drink in the pub whilst we all chatted and waited for everyone to arrive, we sat down at 7pm to get going with the meal. Between eight of us, we chose two sharing platters as a starter, which consisted of a range of Italian hams, some salad leaves with a thick balsamic dressing, sundried tomatoes, squares of manchego cheese and some fresh-out-of-the oven-and-still-warm bread. A fab start to the meal. I don't know exactly all the meats that were included on the platter but they were all delicious and the amount was great between four of us, acting as an appetiser before the main meal.

I love it when you go to a restaurant and actually struggle to decide what to go for on the menu because there's too many good dishes to decide from. This was one of those situations. I ended up going with the Pork Belly & Loin with Mash, Pancetta and Chorizo. It was a lovely dish, and I even ate the fat from the pork belly which actually melted in the mouth. I don't know if that's necessarily a good thing, but it was delicious. For the most part, this dish was lovely, aside from the slightly dry pork loin slices, although I'm aware pork is often dry, and the seemingly missing chorizo from the plate (and that goes for all three of us who had the pork). Which was actually quite disappointing (we didn't realise until after the meal was over) as I was really looking forward to the chorizo. Oh well.

And without much encouragement, we all ordered a dessert, a full house of desserts - quite rare in my family. Most of the group went for the brownie and ice cream, a couple of cheese boards, g'ma ordered a pannacotta and my sister the creme brûlée. I however, went for the Jaffa Orange Cheesecake with Blood Orange Sorbet.

The name gives it a lot to live up to.

So here's my thoughts, aside from the fact that I'd find it very hard to believe the cheesecake was made in the kitchen and wasn't ordered in, it was ok. Not amazing, just alright. I didn't expect the actually cheesecake to be chocolate, but it was. There was a nice orange jelly layer on top and then I guess a ganache topping, but it wasn't stand out. The base was quite a disappointing spongey base. Very odd.

The star of the show had to be the blood orange sorbet though. Sweet but tangy and sharp in all the right ways, the colour of it was intense too. I'd love to re-create this at home, so keep your eyes peeled (no pun intended) for an orange infused dessert soon.

And needless to say the staff were friendly, if a little scatty at times, the three pork mains came out a lot later than the other meals, and it took a couple of trips from the kitchen to provide the correct desserts. And I have to also say, the mains were actually quite expensive, I think the cheapest was £14 and mine, which was certainly not relative to the portion size, £16.

But anyway, the vibe in the pub was nice and relaxed, there were even kids in there at about 9pm which is cool. Needless to say the company really made the evening, we were all shattered by the end having had a good catch up and a laugh together - can't beat those family get togethers.

I guess I would recommend a visit, I haven't really mentioned the wine but it was lovely and despite the prices and missed ingredients the food was delicious. So I guess you could say it has potential.

Either way, Happy Birthday Babcia!

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