Bake Off Bake Along #6 | Babka

Due to being away, and the thought of catching up on so much baking feeling quite overwhelming I wasn't going to join in on week six... but then when I saw it was 'European Cakes' I couldn't resist. I think I'm addicted to baking.

With Polish heritage, I KNEW I had to make a babka, I'd have to learn at some point as my mum always makes one for Easter and I'm sure one day it'll be my turn to host. Plus I love babka.

As a yeast-risen cake, it leans a lot more towards a bread, I always like to explain it as very similar to a panettone, just not as tall and with a hole in the middle. Delicious. I used this recipe, as my mum says it's the best she's tried.

I think I did really well on this one, the dough proved really well in the mixing bowl and then again in the tin. I really love that the raisins are pre-soaked as it makes them nice and juicy within the cake and adds another dimension to the texture.

Baking this babka was time consuming but very satisfying as it smells amazing in the last 10-15 minutes in the oven and it looks very impressive, even when still in the pan, and obviously even better when turned out.

I love the look of this cake when it has been iced too, it looks quite majestic and you can see why it is baked at Easter, a time of celebration.

This cake is absolutely perfect with a cup of tea and that's what I'll be having it with this afternoon. Overall I'm quite pleased with how this turned out and seeing as I haven't awarded myself star baker since ciabatta week, I think I deserve it :)

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