Bake Off Bake Along #4 | Tiramisu

Week four of the Great British Bake Off saw controversy and scandal and also some very boozy tiramisus for the technical challenge.

I used Mary's recipe that again was used on the show, you can find it here.

I have to admit, this is a very labour intensive dessert to make, it basically took me all evening, as well as a trip to the shop in the wind and rain to buy more eggs and baking parchment - now that's dedication. 

Also, slight apologies for the crappy photography, it was late last night and I really just wanted to get this up on time - hope you don't mind :)

As you are probably aware, in the programme the contestants had to slice their sponge in half horizontally once baked. I attempted this but my sponge had not risen enough (hence my late night trip to the supermarket) and baked another to save the aggro. So I believe my Tiramisu is probably a lot taller and bigger in general than it should be. Saying that the second sponge probably would have sliced a lot easier. And now looking back at Mary's recipe, there really is too much sponge but hey, you live and you learn.

The main difficulties I found in creating this dessert were; gently folding the flour into the eggs and sugar once they had been whipped to a pale, creamy looking mixture. For the first sponge I sifted all the flour in, in one go, but on the second sponge I added the flour in parts to get a much more even mix and avoid floury pockets.

The second difficulty I found was assembling the Tiramisu, as I didn't have a square cake tin so I just sort of assembled it free-hand if you will. Which is why it looks slightly on the 'rustic' side. I probably would have found piping the filling would have made the whole thing easier too.

And obviously trying to get an even soaking with the coffee-brandy over the sponge is also difficult when you don't have a brush, otherwise that would have been my weapon of choice.

Either way, I know I won't be winning star baker with this but I think for a first attempt and not all of the required equipment, I don't think I did to badly.

I did have a little taste late last night when I finished and it tastes just like Tiramisu, if a little too boozy for my liking, but I'm quite prudish when it comes to alcohol in desserts.

Anyway, let me know what you think, have you ever made Tiramisu before?