Autumn Edit

Well looky here, autumn has rolled around already and although summer is my favourite season because who can really deny the sun, I much prefer dressing for slightly cooler months.

I've picked out a few items that I think would set me up well moving into September and October so here they are.

I saw a blazer a lot like this, this time last year and missed out on getting it but now it's back, kind of and I'm not letting it slip away this time. It's perfect for this time of year, whilst still light and airy, it acts as a cover up. Poifect.

I saw this shade recently on Life, Set Sail and it was love at first sight. I don't talk often on here about my unfaltering love for nail colours, especially Essie, but it's a thing. This colour is almost too perfect, and nice and neutral. I'm not ready to go to dark wintery shades just yet so this will suit me just fine.

Whilst searching for some last minute bargains for holiday I came across these boots in store. I only started wearing heeled boots last year but I am thoroughly converted, these bad boys are F.I.T. and the gold trimming on the heel really smartens up the boot. They're a bit of a steal too.

I am not one for a dark denim and that's a fact. I'm a light and washed out denim girl through and through, but there's just something about these jeans that calls to me.

I never buy necklaces because I only ever wear one, every day, the one my parents bought me for my 18th birthday, one of those 'feel naked without it' situations. But once in a blue moon I'll brave it and wear something different, and I'll normally turn to a chunky chain because they're simple yet effective and go with pretty much everything.

I discovered the amazing-ness of Monki at the beginning of this year, and every time I walk passed (which is quite a lot) I'm drawn in. There's a couple of items with this print on and being someone who goes mad for anything floral, I think the print is stunning and I love it. And the fact that it's darker, means it won't look out of place in the cooler months.

My favourite ever lipstick is the most true red you could ever find in the L'Absolu Rouge range by Lancôme. There is something about the formula in this lipstick I absolutely love, it lasts, it's got the most perfect sheen and the colour really just pops. I've been meaning to get my mitts on another shade for so long (before I need to replace my original red) and have picked out a light corally pink shade. Not typical for autumn but as mentioned, I'm not ready for full on autumnal switch, so this is my way of keeping things lighter before it all goes a bit vampy.

An edit on that - this morning I found out I won one of Vivianna's (from VDM) 'Peach Babe' Maxfactor Lipsticks, so perhaps I won't have to splash out on Lancôme just yet :)

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