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Last Saturday, we took a short bus ride to Lewisham to visit the Street Feast at the old abandoned covered market, the Model Market.

I'm sure you're aware of the 'street feast' pop ups, so I'll spare you any back story but when I found out at the beginning of the summer that our own fair Lewisham would be hosting some delicious food, I knew I had to go.

We arrived before 7pm, so avoided an entry fee. As soon as we walked in there was a great buzz about the place, music blasting through the sound system and people perusing the food stalls and what was on offer.

After doing a couple of laps of the food stalls to see what was on offer, and getting ourselves a drink, we headed back to the entrance to the 'grill my cheese' stand to try some of their 'beer cheese dip' with croutons. It was different, and nice and the lady gave us some more croutons because we were sharing between two of us. It was a nice starter.

Just look at that oozy cheese.

We then found ourselves following the sweet aromatic scents of Rola Wala, mini naan breads with different toppings. Indian food is one of my favourites anyway but I have to say the food from Rola Wala was the best of the night. So much flavour, so easily accessible and just offing delicious. I'd go again just to eat there again.

And then we found ourselves clambering over to Sambal Shiok, who I recognised from the Rupert St market in Soho. Malaysian Street Food. The little testers looked good so we'd thought we'd give it ago.

I loved the idea of putting the flavours in a bun, making it much easier to eat. My favourite of the three was most definitely the lentil satay, and it was probably the most spicy as well. I want to get myself some of that spicy peanut sauce. YUM.

Then we took a little break and bought ourselves another drink. And THIS I was mightily cheesed off at. We paid £5 EACH for a glass of wine at the bar... you'd think ok £5 for a glass of wine, is a bit steep, hopefully it's a large. NO. This wasn't even a 175ml 'small' serving, they served us two plastic glasses of 125ml of wine for £5 each. Sort it out Street Feast.

But anyway, rant over.

We eventually made our way into the SE Cakery & Brownie Bar to get some dessert to take home with us. I've heard of these brownies and follow the company on twitter so was most excited to try them out. We grabbed two brownie bites to take home, whilst chatting to the lovely lady who runs the company. And also sampling some of her salted caramel sauce, which was really really nice.

We bought one salted caramel bite and one cocknie mojito bite with every intention of eating them when we got home, after being stung at the bar.

But we ended up saving them for breakfast the next morning. Which is probably the best breakfast idea ever. I must admit the rum in the cocknie mojito was a bit tough to take first thing in the morning, but all the flavours were there and it tasted so good.

If you get a chance to try some of the SE Cakery brownies, then please do. They're so SO good, probably some of the best brownies I've ever had.

And that's where we left our night. To be honest, we probably stayed for about an hour, and I could imagine you'd probably stay longer if you were in a group for a night out. However, I am hoping to make it down there again, there's some food stalls that I still really want to try and I'll definitely be making it down to the Dalston Yard Street Feast too. All in all, a good night, despite the most expensive 'glass' of wine I've ever had.

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